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AP mounting 1142

I have an issue with my engineers that want to mount the AP's on top of a large metal cabinet full of LOTS of electronics, instead of mounting them on the ceiling.  These electrical cabinet contain the X-Ray generator equipment, sometimes using ab mush as 480V.

I kow that 1142's will work fine on a table top per se, but is ceiling best ? or ?

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AP mounting 1142

Ceiling is the best mounting for these ap's.  As you already know, you can also mount these on table tops, but the preferred method is the ceiling.  This gives good down tilt and keeps people from stealing the AP or damaging the AP when compared to a table top.  I would avoid mounting it on the metal cabinet if possible, because you will not know if it will cause issue or not, until the access points are in production.



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AP mounting 1142

Don't mount the AP on top metal cabinets.  The metal bottom of the AP can get very hot and heat gets transferred.  Very good if you want to keep your coffee warm, though. 

Ceiling mount is the best method but do not mount the AP directly above something metal as it will throw signals like crazy.  Don't even bother "hiding" the APs inside ceiling spaces/cavities. 

Cisco Employee

AP mounting 1142

Each building material has it’s own properties for radio frequencies. Basically, some materials absorb the signal, others reflect it. Anything metal or metallic in nature is going to block wireless signals. electronic devices will interfere with the signal...

AP mounting 1142

Preparing the Access Point
Before you mount and deploy your access point, we recommend that you perform a site survey (or use the site planning tool) to determine the best location to install your access point.

You should have the following information about your wireless network available:

•Access point locations.

•Access point mounting options: below a suspended ceiling, on a flat horizontal surface, or on a desktop.


Note You can mount the access point above a suspended ceiling but you must purchase additional mounting hardware: See "Mounting the Access Point" section for additional information.


•Access point power options: power supplied by a DC power supply, PoE from a network device, or a PoE power injector/hub (usually located in a wiring closet).


Note Access points mounted in a building's environmental airspace must be powered using PoE to comply with safety regulations.


Cisco recommends that you make a site map showing access point locations so that you can record the device MAC addresses from each location and return them to the person who is planning or managing your wireless network.

Installation Summary
Installing the access point involves these operations:

•Performing a pre-installation configuration (optional)

•Mounting the access point

•Grounding the access point

•Deploying the access point on the wireless network

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