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AP Templates Misinformation?

I took the old wireless class just before the new wireless certifications came out.  The instructor told me that when using AP templates, that the template values overwrite those on the AP.  Therefore, he said that if I applied a template to an AP that had, for example, a blank SSID, that such blank values would override what was configured on the AP.  In other words, pushing AP templates was a one way process, and that there was no check on the AP side to identify which values are 'new' and need to be changed.  I'm asking this because I'd like to create an AP template that changes ONLY the AP VLAN Group from the 'default-group' and then apply it to a subset of APs.  The problem is that I'm in a production environment, and I don't want to apply this change without a full understanding of what it's going to do.  For the record, I think the instructor is mis-informed.  Can someone please confirm?


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Re: AP Templates Misinformation?

Hello Scott

I certainly use the AP templates to change only one or two areas in the configuration our our AP.

For example, we have a fully configured working network that required AP's primary and secondary controllers changing. In order to do this I set up some AP templates and added in the controller details.

I wanted the AP's to only take on these new details.

This worked by ticking the tick box next to each field that I wanted to be applied to the AP.

So yes, I think you are right in thinking your instructor was mis-informed, at least on the code I am running. (WCS: WLC:

In my experience, if the section of the template is not ticked, it does not get applied.



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