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AP1142 Wireless 802.11n 802.11g Ping time question

Hi, Have a few question fot the wireless 802.11 and the broadcast packet  handling

I customer have a problem using the ap1142.

First is the arp broadcast packet .

The customer network design is the BB-POE/SW-AP-Client.

When the BB clear the client ip address the client can't use the internet about 5~6minutes...

I span the switch and see that arp broacast is going through BB-POE but i think AP doesn;t send the

arp broadcast packet to the client....

Does any one have the same problem... ???

I process the case open... but i want a advise from someone...

Second is that when the client connect 802.11g the ping time is 1~2ms....

But the 802.11n the ping time is 4~5ms..

Is it a normal process of ping time by 802.11n and 802.11g??

If is, could you tell me the deffence of the ping time of 802.11n,802.11g??

Very thank you for the help..

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