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AP1200 vs AP1100 and non-cisco wireless cards.

I'm trying to justify the $600+ Per AP for the AP1200 802.11G unit (AP1231G-A-K9) to my management we have a small office of 50 people with a 2611XM router.. is the only real differance between 1100 & 1200 the multiple radio functionality. & metal case. or do we lose anything like 802.1x PEAP MSCHAP V2 With the 1100

we are interested in either Rotating WEP Keys or WPA.and wondering why Cisco is so expensive compared to other vendors that seem to support the same standards (netgear WG302 802.1x WDS etc)

same deal with AIR-CB21AG any advantages to these wireless cards apart from Cisco Discovery protocol.or does anybody have a list of compadible cards.. it's hard to justify $150 per cisco card compared to $50 for compeditor products.


Re: AP1200 vs AP1100 and non-cisco wireless cards.

One thing I have noticed about Cisco wireless cards is that they have better gain than other vendor cards. Cisco card has inherent LEAP support which means you dont need a supplicant to run LEAP, like you do need on other vendor cards. Ofcourse you could use EAP, but then if you dont have Windows XP, you dont have inherent support for EAP on other operating systems.

If you look at the other vendor wireless products versus a cisco wireless product, its not just a few common standard features like WPA that is supported by Cisco. Cisco bundles tons of features which are not really available from most vendors.

Of course 1200 is modular compared to 1100. 1200 can be upgraded to 802.11a or 802.11g type. You can have 802.11a and 802.11b running at the same time too. Obviously the difference in pricing. PEAP is supported in both the access points. Infact the capability to do PEAP infact depends on the software that you load on the AP.

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