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AP1252 - questions on setting this up

Sorry, i havent touched an AP for 5 years already so i forgot some of the ideas. If you have any comments or suggestions, that is greatly appreciated. Below is my setup.

1. Will need 3 access points at a 3000+ sq ft home. How can all 3 access points be setup so that the user can connect to any of them without issue? I was thinking of having the same ssid but differnt channels, 1,6,11. Is there any special setup i need to do on the AP besides changing the channel?

2. There are 6 antenna ports on the 1252 access point. Do i need all 6 antennas plugged in even though im using only 2.4ghz G network for now?

3. Reception is not consistent when running netstumbler. When im sitting next to it, im getting -20 to -30 constantly then all of a sudden it drops down to -75 and right back up to -30 for another 30-45 seconds and repeats. Does anyone know why this happens? Im using 3 - 2.4ghz dipole antennas and yes they are screwed into the 2.4ghz holes.

4. I will be connecting these 3 APs to a 48 port switch that will be connected to a VPN router (linksys RV042). Just want to confirm that i can use this router as a source of supplying ip address to the AP to give out rather than having the AP giving it out.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: AP1252 - questions on setting this up

Wow - nice home!

1. You can have the same SSID AND all on the same channel....providing the APs can't see each other. The only reason for using non-overlapping channels is for when the AP signals actually overlap. To be certain, using 1,6,and 11 for your three APs would work. You could also get by with using 1 on two APs and 6 on the third - again depending on where you set these up, and whether they can see each other.

You didn't mention the density of the neighborhood. Have you scanned the spectrum for neighboring APs? That would also affect your channel selection. SSIDs must match exactly on all three APs (to include the case of the letters in the SSID). Security settings must also match. Set your AP IP addresses statically, along with your channel assignments. Make the 6MB speed Mandatory to prevent 802.11b clients from connecting to your AP and slowing it down.

2. You only need three 2.4Ghz antennas connected to the 2.4Ghz radio. If you don't have antennas on the 5Ghz side, shut the radio down.

3. My guess is your laptop can see the other APs and is attempting to connect to them. Or, is it possible you have an LWAPP version of the 1252? That AP would just keeping rebooting itself looking for a controller. Is your AP rebooting during the loss of signal? ALSO - is it possible you also have 2.4Ghz interference near this AP (microwave, cordless phone, bluetooth, HD TV towers, etc.)

4. That should not be a problem at all.

Some additional thoughts:

A. Your 1252 is N capable - are you using it in N mode? Have you bonded any channels? I'd recommend using the 5Ghz radio (less interference, 23 non-overlapping channels, better suited for N). Depends on your clients though - can they be made 802.11a/n capable?

B. How are you powering these APs?

C. How did you configure the AP from out of the box?

D. Consider reducing the power of your radio to give you the coverage you need INSIDE the house. You'll better avoid interference from neighboring APs.

Hope this helps.

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Re: AP1252 - questions on setting this up

Thank you so much for your reply. Below are my answers to your questions.

1. The APs will all see each other because i dont want to have any areas without reception so they will overlap. I scanned the home and found that the left side will be using channel 1, middle will be channel 6, right will be channel 1. Saw channel 11 used in the middle and right of the house. How does this sound?

2. thanks, 5ghz side is confirmed down.

3. I did incorrectly buy the wrong access point type. I bought the one with the L in the model number. I was able to get in contact with cisco to flash the firmware and got it back to what it was suppose to be.

a. We got the n capable AP to be "future proofed" if we decide to get newer laptops we wont need to change the APs. But most laptops will be on G network so this will not be used yet.

b. I purchased a power supply (not going to use power injector since the price for POE on the switch side was way too pricey) for these APs. Found out the hard way when nothing came with the AP.

c. i set the ip via hypterm and then use the web browser to config the ssid and other settings. I also tried playing with the antenna settings and found that max thoughput gave the best reception. I also played with the power settings on the antenna itself, but saw that max was the best.

Another question i have, i found out we will need wireless outside the house so i was looking at a cheaper Cisco ap that doesnt need N capability and will attach a outside antenna to it. Do you have one in mind?

Thanks again for all your help!

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Re: AP1252 - questions on setting this up

Sounds like you're heading in the right direction.

1. As long as the signals from your 2 channel 1 APs don't overlap, you'll be ok.

2. OK

3. Thought it sounded like an LWAPP :-)

3b. You can purchase POE adapters for the AP - is that what you bought? Really handy if there's no outlet where you want to hang the APs. You'll need an Air-PWRINJ4 for these APs.

Outside wireless> interesting that you "future proofed" the inside APs, and want consistent coverage throughout the house, but want to go cheap for outdoor wireless. Will your customer roam from outside the house to inside? If they're using an N adapter, that may be a problem. Also - with your 1252's at max power, will you not have any signal outside? How far away from the house do you need coverage? Will the AP and/or antenna be exposed to weather?

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Re: AP1252 - questions on setting this up

Its about 150-200 feet. There arent any obstruction in the way expect the actually AP and antenna is inside the house. I get range outside up one particular spot where the reception is 95dbm. Thats the spot im a little worried about.

We are currently using 2.2 dbi omnidirectional antenna. Have you ever used this, AIR-ANT2430V-R, its 3 dbi and i am thinking of testing this range...maybe it goes that extra 50 ft.

If i were to get another AP, the antenna will be exposed to weather.


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Re: AP1252 - questions on setting this up

Hmm....there are alot of "depends" here. First off, the antenna you reference may give you that extra 50 feet, but in all directions. It also is made for a 1252, which you said was not on the shopping list. Why not go with a 1242 and a directional antenna? That will give you the range you need and more than likely paint your outside area sufficiently.

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