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New Member

AP340 CLI command reference?

I've muddled through configuring the AP using serial cable CLI and "just enough" syntax to set an IP address so I could switch to the internal web server configuration/control screens.

I've found snippets of commands scattered thru the Cisco site but no full reference (for example, I found the sequence of steps to completely reset the AP by saving the "key", zaping various flash files, reloading the "key", and restarting.)

Is there a CLI reference manual? It seems to have the strangest syntax I have ever seen -- much worse than regular IOS and the built-in help is non-existent.

New Member

Re: AP340 CLI command reference?

I have found the CLI on the Aironet products a little hard to use so I just get an IP on the device and use the web interface. Here is all I found on the CLI;

New Member

Re: AP340 CLI command reference?

You're certainly not alone in finding it hard to use. Just mention then 'assistance' in autocompletion and people start screaming.

Depending on the context you may need to write a, as, ass, asso to get to 'associations' - problem is, if a was enough, then eg. sso is illegal input to the next menu.

And given the poor tty performance, you realy need to watch out for mistakes

Webinterface is surely ok - but you tend to miss important things. Like setting an administrator, avoiding broadcast of SSID, turning RF power down or other stuff which is not crucial to performance.

That why the cli interface is so important - especially in a production environment.

Jan Ferré

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