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Apple Airport Express to Aironet 1200 AP Configuration???

I currently moved from my Cisco Linksys wireless router to an Cisco  Aironet 1200 AP. The reason fro doing this is that the linksys had  limited configuration capabilities and the wireless router would need to  be rebooted every three days or so. But that's a different issue.

The linksys Cisco router worked great with the Airport Express Ver.  7.4.2 the Linksys located all three Airport express's. i am using them  to bridge for each of my stereo throughout the house. But as stated  occasionally I the Cisco router would loose the ability to connect to  the Airports.

I decided I would beef up my wireless because I run many wireless  devices 3 printers 2 laptops and 3 Airports plus 2 Iphones. So as you  can see pretty heavy on the wireless.

So the problem is that I installed the 1200 AIR-AP1231G-A-K9 code:  c1200-k9w7-mx.123-8.JEB configured basic WPA / TKIP PSK. My laptop can  connect my Iphone can connect. Both devices work well and no issues. THE  PROBLEM is the Airport express devices cannot detect my AP unless I  configure them to use the ethernet port then they work just great. But  that's not helping I need to be wireless. I have spent hours going  through but I have not found a solution. Does anyone else have this  issue if so please let me know the fix.



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Re: Apple Airport Express to Aironet 1200 AP Configuration???

Any luck getting this figured out?

I'm having the same issue: Basically any wired computer can connect to airtunes, wirelessly on the airport, but I'm not able to go from wireless to wireless.  I've tested this on a separate system, with successful results.

I'm guessing it's a setting in the WAP that I'm missing.

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Apple Airport Express to Aironet 1200 AP Configuration???

Yes got it working finally ..

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