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Apple devices can't surf

I am in the middle of migrating 3502i's from WISM to 5760 wireless controllers and have come across a troubling problem.  I have a few different SSID's advertised and 7925's connect and roam fine.  Windows devices connect fine to all SSIDs however apple iDevices and macbooks will connect to all SSIDs but on a few will not surf via dns.  If i manually enter a web url via IP they resolve fine.

They get DNS via dhcp and if I do a nslookup from the mac it will resolve dns however it will not surf the web.

I can't figure out why apple devices don't work on these SSID's but android and windows devices do.  To make it even more troubling I took an old ipad on ios 5.1 and it worked.

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Which version of IOS-XE you

Which version of IOS-XE you are running on your 5760 ? If issue is persisting with latest iOS devices, then I think you should check with TAC, may be a bug 




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I started with 3.6.0 and am

I started with 3.6.0 and am currently back on 3.3.3 which is showing the same issue.   I have opened a TAC case so we shall see.

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  Are the Apple devices


 Are the Apple devices MacBooks? This is an issue with Macbooks running Avast anitvirus.

We have been experiencing the issue here. If you disable the web protection in Avast or unistall it you can surf the web again.

When Avast is installed and the web protection is enabled you get DHCP and can ping by IP and even resolve names but can't surf.



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Just to update this thread. 

Just to update this thread.  After opening a TAC case and doing some packet sniffing and troubleshooting we have narrowed the problem down to the 2.4ghz band.  If I enable all radios on the problem SSID's apple devices will associate via 5ghz and work fine. 

TAC has not gotten back to me with any further info yet.

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