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Apple Devices not getting DHCP Addresses?


We have a client which has a 3750G with built in WLC and running

Inititally they had DHCP setup on the WLC but they want it moved to a Server.

I setup the new scopes and stuck an IP helper on the SVI for each Vlan. The non apple devices are able to connect to each SSID and pickup an address from the server DHCP pools but the Apple devices refuse to connect.

They are using 1131 AP's.

I have read the release notes and there are no open Caveats for this issue. I am going to setup a SPAN session on the WLC port later to see if the DHCP broadcast is being forwarded to the SVI and also one on the server to see if the request actually makes it.

Has anyone else experienced it?

Although the DHCP works on the WLC, they want to better manage who has what address and setup some reservations which is not practical from the WLC.


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Apple Devices not getting DHCP Addresses?

What is WLAN secuirty settings ? WPA2/AES ?

For testing create a test WLAN with open auth & see what happen.



Apple Devices not getting DHCP Addresses?

Hi Rasika

I have not got access to the vessel until this afternoon but the screenshot I took shows:

'Security Policy - [WPA+WPA2][Auth(PSK]'

Could it be the security?

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Apple Devices not getting DHCP Addresses?

Always good to have only WPA2 with AES (PSK or 802.1x) rather mix it with WPA+TKIP at the same time

If you create a Open Auth & test (or even take a packet capture) it will tell exaclty what's going on with those clients.

As long as helper address configured on SVI pointing to DHCP server it should work. "debug client " also would be also useful.



Apple Devices not getting DHCP Addresses?

Thanks Rasika, I will give it a go later once the Vessel are online.


Apple Devices not getting DHCP Addresses?

if your configuration is correct your apple devices should be able to get the ip address if other devices are getting ip you need to check the apple device and try with open seciruty as rasikanayanajith have said.

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Re: Apple Devices not getting DHCP Addresses?

This is an interesting topic that I will have to follow:)

Typically if nothing has changed except for the DHCP server, it's wired that Apple devices just stop getting an address. If your layer 2 encryption was wrong... Let's say you have WPA and WPA 2 with both TKIP and AES enabled, Apple devices would have issues authenticating to the SSID which happens prior to getting an IP address. So it seems like something else could of changed that affects only Apple devices... This is typically a configuration on the WLAN that has more of an affect on Apple Devices not associating. You need to see if these devices are in a DHCP_REQ state or 802.1x_REQ state.

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I have WPA+WPA2 and the

I have WPA+WPA2 and the following Parameters checked and my iphones will not join my SSID:

WPA Policy

WPA Encryption AES and TKIP

WPA2 Policy

WPA2 Encryption AES and TKIP

then the Authentication Key Management has PSK enabled

My Android phones and Chromebooks connect fine to this SSID.

Would could be the problem?

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