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Apple iPads/iPhones -- No Internet Access on Open WLAN

Help!  I've been troubleshooting a problem with TAC that I have had for a while now.  Basically, any Apple device iPhone or iPad seems to connect to our WLANs but when the user opens Safari, a webpage will never load.

The user is able to open the Email app on the device and sent/receive emails but no Internet browsing of any kind.

I tried to take it back to basics, created one WLAN called 'WLAN2' with the following details:

     SSID:                 WLAN2

     Security:            Open/None

     Radio Policy:     802.11 G Only

     Broadcasting:     Yes

     WMM Policy:      Allowed

Devices will connect and associate but no luck with Safari or other web apps, only email.

I've attached config and a log file of an iPad connecting to the WLAN2 (MAC Address: a4:d1:d2:6b:ce:26)

OH, other important info..this only occurs in my branch offices (all of them) and they are using H-REAP.  The apple devices are attempting to connect to WLANs for guest access which are tunneled back to the WLC controller and then out a separate 'guest' port on the controller.  If I try and use an iPad in my headquarters office without HREAP it works fine.   

WLC Version:

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Apple iPads/iPhones -- No Internet Access on Open WLAN

i had  a same issue in one of my project's wirless network infrastructure than i opened a TAC case but unfortunately  found a reply from them that safari web browser does not support Web Authentacated WLAN.

listen do one thing tell me which LAPs you have their?

try to allow both 802.11 a/g on WLAN than check because i used the same with



also IPhones and Ipads should have latest version 5.1

configure DHCP on controller for this WLAN

configure local net user account in controller

and than try to connect i think this will help you

tell me if this answered you question

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Re: Apple iPads/iPhones -- No Internet Access on Open WLAN

Thanks for the replies, I'll do some testing with your suggestions.    These are Cisco 1142 Wireless APs

Just FYI, the problem with Apple devices is not limited to web-auth protected WLANs, but even my test WLAN which is OPEN with no layer 2 or layer 3 security.

Apple iPads/iPhones -- No Internet Access on Open WLAN

I have an apple and I get the web auth screen.

Lucas, do you have AP groups figured by chance? Also, have you tested HREAP with central switch, im curiuos.

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Apple iPads/iPhones -- No Internet Access on Open WLAN

Yes - I have one AP group configured for each office.  In each AP group I have a few WLANs: Enterprise, Guest, MobileDevices, and sometimes WLAN2 (for testing).

Any idea how to switch my H-REAP to central switching via the WLC web interface?