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Apple TV and real-time video from iPhone/iPad or webcam connected to a Macbook

Just wanted to get feedback if anyone is currently using Apple TV's and mirroring live real-time video from an iPhone/iPad or webcam connected to a Macbook or if they can test it out:)  I have a school that uses a webcam connected to a Macbook Pro as an overhead for teachers.  The video is not great and freezes up here and there or has bad delay and was trying to see if anyone also experiences this.  I see the same issue at home in my lab, but running beta code.  Customer is running v7.6.120.0 and has issues with live video, but mirroring in general is fine.  Want to see if its an Apple TV issue or maybe a code or config setting (I have tired different things).  

I have tested with the Apple TV (3rd gen and latest firmware) on the same WLAN/VLAN and issue is still there (2.4 and 5ghz testing also).  There is not much traffic on the network at all, since school is out for the summer also.  Video seems better if I stream live video to a PC running AirServer that is wired.  Both the Apple TV and the devices are wireless and want to get some feedback in general if you have this setup in a way and what you think.  I would like feedback also on if your using Apple TV with just mirroring and what you think.  Customers I have spoken to, seem to say it works okay at times, but its not solid.

Let me know what model WLC's, AP's and code you are running to.


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Same issue here. Customer is

Same issue here. Customer is complaining that disconnection happen during the mirroring.I have captured some debug on the Apple TV during disconnection. Hope someone can help on this.

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Hi Scott Have you solved the

Hi Scott


Have you solved the problem ?

I have the same problem, but is using 7.6.130 on a 8510 controller, and 3702 APs.





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