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APPLETV and mDNS - Turn OFF mDNS it works, Turn it on it doesn´t?!?!?!?

Hi guys! 

I´m having a strange morning. We switched from 7.2.x code to on our 5508 WLC. And Today I get a call that the apple tv´s aren´t visible any more. 

Quick check into the MDNS profiles, I see each and every one. Quick check on my iphone to my test appletv - that works too. But it is the only ATV I can actually see. 

- I can only see the atv when it is connected to the same Accesspoint, if I roam it vanishes. 

- If I turn OFF the MDNS Settings - I see every atv in the building!!! 


I configured everything according to: but somehow it is not working. 


(yes the mDNS global is enabled in the tests ;) )

I can see the ATV´s on the WLC:  


When it is enabled I can only see the Apple tv that is connected wirelessly to the same AP I´m connected to! So none of the wired devices! 

I have enabled the DNS Snooping in the advanced settings for the WLAN. I have also found an extra MDNS Snooping for the Interfaces itself, which wasn´t activated. But activating it, didn´t help a thing. I also tried deactivating the VLAN Multicast feature that was needed in 7.2.x but also to no avail. 


HELP! Any Idea what might be running amok here? Everything was working without a hitch in 7.2.x and I thought the would be a blast, because easier, better and such :D Thanks alot for your help! 

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o.k. thats abit stupid. I had

o.k. thats abit stupid. I had a brain freeze. But just to follow up on this:

If your MDNS Profile that is used for the snooping DOESN´T have the airtunes part included. It won´t work. Just because the general option is choosen, doesn´t do diddly swat for the wlan itself. Guess thats an error I just had to make ;) 

Problem solved! 

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That was a big change that

That was a big change that hit many folks out here.  The issues of having to enable AirTunes, when you had AppleTV enabled already.  Glad you figured it out and +5 for you for the follow up.

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