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Associated, but IP address lost

I have noticed that several times a day users loose their connection and upon review of workstations with 350 wireless adapters they loose their IP address even though they are still associated with AP. Re-authenticating did not seem to help, but about half the time restarting the card does, but obviously this is a major headache for users... AP1200's used. Do these symptoms sound familiar


Re: Associated, but IP address lost

This could be a firmware issue. Try upgrading the clients to the latest firmware. You might want to check their versions of Aironet Client Utility (ACU) and upgrade that as well.

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Re: Associated, but IP address lost


I have upgraded both AP and client. I am using 12.03T on AP 1200's and am using client firmware v5.20.17, Boot block v1.50 and NDIS v8.3.10.

With laptop sitting on desk and not moving around I see drops for about 1 - 2 seconds while watching the client site survey tool,are these drops normal? Citrix drops if working on something when this happens. It gets much worse at times I cannot talk to closet AP for a few minutes or more.

I see "EAP retry limit reached for Station..." in AP logs, not sure what is causing that.. this message does not show up each time I see a drop however.

I have 3 AP's on channel 1,6 and 11.

Any ideas on how to track down disconnects better?

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Re: Associated, but IP address lost

Have you received a solution for this problem?

I am not getting that far with these new NIC either. I have same config and problems.

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Re: Associated, but IP address lost

The verdict is not completely in yet, however I believe that the following three changes have greatly improved our environment. I would try these things in order.

1.) I cleared the AP configurations and built them from scratch. (This is the first thing I would try). I backed up configurations just in case I had to go back.

2.) We upgraded AP software (not using IOS) to 12.03T.

3.) Upgraded clients to ACU version 6.1 (This is a complete package and will upgrade NIC firmware as well.)

4.) We brought in a local LEAP server because of failed authentications when trying to contact the LEAP server occasionally accross a WAN line.

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