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Autonomous 1131 with multiple SSID ?

Hi folks.

I usually work with controllers, so am getting a bit caught with what should be simple but seems not to be. I have 2 x 1131 autonomous. I have VLAN 1 (Native), VLAN 10 and VLAN 20. I would like to broadcast SSID 10 on VLAN 10 and broadcast SSID 20 on VLAN 20, and have both with WPA2 PSK. However as I configure 1 SSID, it overwrites the settings of the other, and I haven't even got to adding WPA2 yet.

Can someone give me some simple pointers ?


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Re: Autonomous 1131 with multiple SSID ?

Hard to say without seeing exactly what you are doing when you are trying to configure the AP.  Here is a doc on working with VLANs on aIOS APs:

Can you post the config?  Also, if you want to broadcast multiple SSIDs with IOS based APs, you have to use the mbssid command:

dot11 ssid VLAN1

vlan 1

authen open

authen key wpa

wpa ascii 0 87654321

mbssid guest

dot11 ssid VLAN20

vlan 20

authen open

authen key wpa

wpa ascii 0 12345678

mbssid guest

int dot0

encrypt vlan 1 mode ciphers aes

encrypt vlan 20 mode ciphers aes




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Re: Autonomous 1131 with multiple SSID ?

Hi there,

As lee said, you will need to issue the command MBSSID to activate multiple SSID support. Also, when you create more than SSID you will have to issue the command guest-mode under SSID configuration mode to enable SSID broadcasting, if not your SSID can be created working and usable but not listed in the available wireless networks list.

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