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Avoid complaints - WLAN is great, but it's not for all your users.

Do you use wireless networking in your office ? It's very hot now. All the rage. So much so that, like "the purple pill", your users probably want it even though they don't understand what it is.

Wireless Networking in it's most common form is IEEE standard 802.11b. The wireless network devices at your local computer store are 802.11b devices for the most part (some 802.11a devices are starting to appear, but they're not yet common even in enterprise networks).

Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) are a great technology which can free you from having to sit in the same spot all the time just so your computer can be connected to the network. What people don't understand is that as networks go they're slow (we're talking 802.11b here). If your office uses relatively recent wired LAN equipment your desktop PC is probably connecting to a switch using a 100Mbps Full-Duplex Ethernet connection to communicate with the other devices on your network. That means they have a pretty fast connection, they can send & receive data simultaneously, they don't have to share their bandwidth with anyone, and they probably don't have to wait too much to exchange data with another given device on the network. Wireless networks, aside from the very important point of not being tied down by a cable, are pretty poor in comparison. In terms of connection speed they're a step 10 years into the past. 802.11b effectively puts you on a 6Mbps connection, where all the devices contend for the chance to transmit, since only one of them can transmit at a time, which precludes the transmitter from receiving data at the same time.

But everyone wants to have a wireless network card. Then once they get it, they sit in their cubicle where they always sat before, with their PC in the same spot it was before, exchanging data at less than a twentieth of the speed they had before, and complaining that the network is slow.

Avoid headaches by matching the connection technolgy to the users needs.


Re: Avoid complaints - WLAN is great, but it's not for all your

I too agree with you in this matter. But wireless Lan is mainly designed keeping mobile users in mind.A WLAN allows end users to access e-mail, schedule meetings, and access files and applications on the corporate or university network from conference rooms, classrooms, coworkers' desks, and virtually anywhere on campus. With wireless networking, regardless of where they are in a facility, end users are just a mouse-click away from key information and applications.

But people use this while siiting in their same cubicle and then it will be obviously slow. So, in essence we can feel the advantage of wireless LAN when away from your office or building etc. Otherwise it is better to connect to the wired LAN.

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