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Bad performance with the 350 series

Are there some bugs known when cisco client (pcmcia 350 serie) operate with an ap (350 serie) plus LEAP 802.1x authentication?

Since we have implemented our business wide mobile lan we only worked with Access Points / Client adapter of the 340 serie. The laptops had Win2K or Win98. We also had implemeted the LEAP authentication/encryption (ACS 3.0)on all clients.

Now, there was coming new users and business rooms so that we have got new notebooks with OS (WinXP), Client Adapters (350 serie) and AP´s (350 serie).

But in this constellation with XP, Client Adapter 350 and an AP 350 there is very very bad performance (about 80kB/s with only one client on an AP!! - normally about 700kB/s) in the WLAN. When i disable the LEAP authentication/encryption (no WEP,no LEAP), the performance is pretty good.

When i roam with the same XP-notebook (incl. 350 series client adapter + LEAP) to an AP of the 340 serie the performance is also pretty good!!

I use the 8.01.06 driver, ACU 5.02, client firmware 4.25.30 and the AP-firmware is the 11.23T. I have tried higher driver, firmware and so on - but nothing works.

Now, what´s wrong with the 350 serie?? I am at the end of my minds- please give some suggestions.




Re: Bad performance with the 350 series

Usually if every piece of equipment is running the latest firmware and drivers it will fix any issue with the wireless devices. There could be a configuration issue on the 350 AP that differs from the 340 AP. Check the configurations on both to see if there is any differences and possibly reset the 350 AP back to factory settings and reconfigure it.

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