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802.11a Band status which data rates should be mandatory and which should be supported

802.11b/g which data rates should be mandatory and which should be supported


any advices to improve wireless performance and coverage





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Read this.

Read this.

While i could answer with

While i could answer with best practices. What is important to know if you wifi layer 1 is designed to support higher rates. Let me explain ..




1,2 and 5.5 and allow 11 (if you have 802.11b devices)


Assume you do the above. But your cell coverage is poor. Clients who are connecting at 1, 2 or 5,5 will not have coverage because you kill these rates ..


Does this make sense?


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Just to add to George and Leo

Just to add to George and Leo... Tweaking the data rates and power depends on your coverage.  There is no right or wrong as you adjust these along with your TX power to shrink your cell size and to force roaming of devices that can't associate to a supported data rate.  This setting can vary per customer, per building and or area. 

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Tweaking of data rates ...

Tweaking of data rates ... you need to ask yourself the questions: 


1.  What exactly are you trying to do? 

2.  What wireless clients will benefit and what wireless clients will NOT WORK? 


Some wireless clients will only negotiate with LOW-SPEED data rates.  Some are fine.  


Hi,For better wireless


For better wireless performance and for better coverage, you need to select all available data rates in your Access-point or WLC have.

Because if you select / mark only higher dater rates, it will give you good performance when rate will be available in specific location but not surly gives you more coverage when you move your client from that location due to unavailability of lower rates.


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