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Basic AP config question - management interface

So, I've inherited this network, which is segmented roughly according building, and has a few wireless networks across all buildings.  In looking to look at the various APs we have strung up all over the place, I've run into problems.

First off, they don't seem to be remotely manageable, and in looking at the configs they're set up with their management address (interface BVI1) on not VLAN 1, because VLAN 1 is being used for something else.  (I've heard that the last guy was doing something to manage them remotely, but I'm not sure I believe it, given that all the devices I've found haven't been updated or had their configs changed in many years.)

Basically, I'm looking for input on how to reconfigure these things so they can be IPed onto a VLAN other than VLAN1 and managed remotely when connecting to the ip address assigned.  Ideally, I'd like to just set their management ip to something on the building subnet for whatever building they're located in.  How would I do that?


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Basic AP config question - management interface

First of, you would put an ip address on the BVI interface and then the switchport that the ap connects to would be a dot1q trunk and the native vlan being the vlan the BVI is on.  Now you only need to trunk, if you are going to pass more than one vlan.  Like the ap management vlan and user traffic vlan.  If you plan on putting the wireless users on the some subnet as the ap BVI interface (management), then you just need to connect the ap to an access port. 

I would think that you will have to first find all the ap's, decide on a code version you want to upgrade them to for consistency and then take a look at the configuration guide for that firmware version.  It seem like its going to be a lot of work, especially if you have to track down ap's and if you have a lot of them.  Depending on the ap models too, you might want to look at replacing the very old ones if possible.  I don't like to see a mixed environment of 802.11b ap's mixed in with 802.11abg or even 802.11n. 

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