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Basic configuration for Aironet 1220B

I'm trying to setup my AP so that the ethernet port connects to a hub on my LAN, just like I would connect a PC, printer or server, then us it from a wireless device just like it was on my LAN. I can see the wireless portion of the box from a notebook computer and connect to the SSID fine. I can also ping the ethernet port from a wired computer and can connect to the HTTP port fine. But the notebook can't ping anything on my LAN thru the AP. I thought one of the sample configs would have this, since it's so simple.

Cisco Employee

Re: Basic configuration for Aironet 1220B


Are you using dhcp or statically assigning an ip address to the wireless client? If using dhcp, then presumably you aren't getting an address...? If that's the case or even if you are using static addressing, you can try the following:

1. Change security on both AP and notebook to simple 'open authentication' with no encryption. If you are already doing this, then try the next step.

2. Depending upon your client card and version of software on the AP, you may be hitting an incompatibility issue. Try disabling the following on the AP:

aironet extensions

short preamble

Via IOS cli:

config t

int dot 0

no dot11 extension aironet

no preamble-short


If this doesn't work then try the next step.

3. Upgrade your client and/or AP to later software - don't beat me up for suggesting this since I have no clue what you are already running.

4. Other things to consider:

*Verify you haven't enabled any vlans on the AP, since your hub couldn't trunk or handle the dot1q tags.

*'show dot11 assoc all' while the client is connected to the AP might help identify the problem.

Hope this helps,


New Member

Re: Basic configuration for Aironet 1220B

No way I'm going to beat you up when you're trying to help ;) Steps 1 and 2 already done. No VLANs configured that I can find. The unit does see an association with the client. I'm looking at the upgrades from Cisco. Since it's a 1220, I assume I need the vxworks upgrade and not the ios. Current version looks like 12.00T, so I was thinking of applying 12.05? Or should I install the highest "T" which would be 12.03T. Basically, I'm thinking there must be some problem with the configuration since the WAP sees the LAN and the sees the client, but won't pass packets between the two.



Cisco Employee

Re: Basic configuration for Aironet 1220B

12.05 would be the best path for VxWorks upgrade, but you should consider converting the AP to IOS to provide better troubleshooting tools and compatibility. The conversion from VxWorks to IOS is done using a conversion image, which you can load through the browser. The only caveats:

1. You'll want to upgrade the IOS again, after you've completed the conversion. The conversion image loads an old IOS image.

2. You'll want to make sure you disable your radios prior to upgrading.

3. You'll lose your configuration as a result of the conversion (though that can be a good thing). There is a conversion tool that allows you to retain your configuration, but it typically adds a lot of unnecessary junk in the configuration. With a single AP, I'd just do a straight conversion without the tool and then acquaint myself with the IOS GUI by reconfiguring from scratch.

Here are some useful links:

-Location of conversion image and tool.

-Conversion instructions

The above references are in the conversion image release notes. Take a look through the complete release notes for other important notes.


New Member

Re: Basic configuration for Aironet 1220B

Don't know if this will help anyone, but as soon as I reset the unit to the factory default config, it actually did what I wanted, which was basically just to pass packets to/from my lan. The problem was, I couldn't get the hard reset to work (holding in the button and plugging in the unit) so I couldn't reset it till I got the console port cable and issued a "RESETALL". Also, I was wondering, those commands you listed above "config -t", do I need IOS for that, because I don't seem to see them when I plug in to the cosole port.



Cisco Employee

Re: Basic configuration for Aironet 1220B

Hi Ken,

The 'config t' commands were for IOS, so they don't apply to your VxWorks AP. The second post I provided suggested converting to IOS from VxWorks. Since you got the AP working as desired, then obviously no need to upgrade. IOS does offer better troubleshooting, more features, and continuing upgrade path versus VxWorks -- but as the saying goes: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."


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