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Basic question on roaming with 12XX APs


We are installing 6 or so Autonomous 1242s which will be side by side with an already installed group of autonomous 1100 series. Does roaming between APs on the same SSID happen automatically as you reach a certain low level of signal, is there anything specific that has to be setup? I've read about WDS, but the clients are not using Cisco Aironet NICs and are using WEP. Any assistance on how the roaming takes place and how to make it as seamless as possible would be fantastic!



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Re: Basic question on roaming with 12XX APs

Depending on the signal coverage and configuration of each AP, handover from one AP to another should be seamless.

Re: Basic question on roaming with 12XX APs

Roaming is the behavior of the wireless client. How and why a client roams is based on the driver largely. Some clients roam better than others and use different measurements to indicate when a client should roam.

When a client hits its threshold it will send PSP (power save poll) frames to notify the access point to which it is already associated to, to buffer frames as the client goes off channel to find other access points to roam to. The client will flood all channels with probe request, access points within the range which hear the probe request will respond with probe responses.

The client will then decided based on probe responses which access point it will then auth and ass to ..

With all that being said… you want to make sure you have a proper survey done so you don't have access points to close or to far away to each other, thus causing co - adjacent channel interference.

Normally you want your access points powered at the lowest client level. Again, you don't really want them very loud (reaching further than they need to) or to low where you have a ton of access points either.

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