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Benefits to upgrading WLC from to more recent release?

I currently have 3-4402 WLC controllers running  We have 45 APs that are spread out between 3 locations.  Because I am new to wireless management on Cisco WLCs I need to know if there is a benefit to upgrading to more current code revisions.  We currently have a mesh bridge running on two 1030 indoor APs.  These are not supported on newer code releases, so I am looking for benefits great enough to warrant purchasing two new bridging APs that are supported on current code revs.  Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated.  The current code is working fine and we are not doing any Wireless VOIP either.


Re: Benefits to upgrading WLC from to more recent rele

Well if your system isnt broken I am a fan of leaving it alone. Now if their are issues or if you need new options that are only in newer versions then that should be reason enough. You are on code that is like 2 - 3 years old.

If you choose to deploy 802.11n, it will require an upgrade

If you plan to deploy MESH you need to upgrade

You can take advantage of new reporting with newer code and wcs versions

If you do have issues in the future, TAC will almost likly TELL you to upgrade anyway

I hope this helps a little bud

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Re: Benefits to upgrading WLC from to more recent rele

Thank you George for your comments.

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