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Best practice for home setup/Roaming with built-in Dell wireless card?

I have a client with a huge house; I have done a site survey and it will require 3 APs to blanket the entire thing. I am wonderig what the best way to set this up for him would be? He would like to be able to walk around with the house and not lose connectivity. He is attempting to use his built-in Dell wireless card/client. As far as I know, these do not support Cisco roaming. What I have done is setup 3 diffrent SSIDs for each part of the house. Depending on his location he manually connects to the correct AP. Is this the best setup?

I had attempted to set all APs with the same SSIDs but found that the client would not roam and also found it difficult to connect to any of the APs at all. I believe the card was getting confused since there was overlap of the same SSID.

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Re: Best practice for home setup/Roaming with built-in Dell wire

If he has a huge house, I don't think his laptop would be that old and also, the Dell's use the Intel wifi cards. Having all 3 ap's setup for the same SSID is what you should do and don't know why you are having so many issues. I would assume the ap's are on channel 1, 6, and 11 and how is the power setting? Do all these ap's run back to the same switch?

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