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Best Practices for AP Power

Can someone tell me or explain to me if there are best practices for AP Power based on data or voice networks?  Specifically, if you're tasked to do a Wireless Site Survey with the intention that RRM will not be used how would you configure the APs power for data usage only or voice and data.

I have never read anything that states a best practice for power ... I tend to set APs at 6 or 12 mW for 2.4GHz and 12mW or 25mW for 5GHz ... but there isn't anything to state whether my practice meet any type of best practice so I'm just looking for any supporting facts or idea of what other Wireless Engineers use when they do site surveys.

Any information or shared thoughts are much appreciated!!!




Best Practices for AP Power

Hello Mal,

Your question will cause a number of responses from the different RF chefs here, Im sure!

Ive been in WiFi for a long time. When I sit down with educated customers they will ask the same question. Based on my experience designing high availability, data intensive networks I follow the practice to design for the "lowest" common denominator.

With this being said, its often a 5 GHz Phone device or even a 2.4 GHz Vocera badge. In any case, both devices live in or around 20mW. I like to design my networks at 12.5mW. I find this works better for RRM and also builds in fluff incase I need to adjust power on a AP.

If a customer requires both a 2.4GHz and 5 GHz design. I will just design 5 GHz  @ 12.5 mW, as the 2.4 GHz network will surly fit inside of the 5 GHz design.

I hope this helps...

"Satisfaction does not come from knowing the solution, it comes from knowing why." - Rosalind Franklin
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Best Practices for AP Power


Thanks for you response ... for the longest I have based my designs on experience but most customers or when training new wireless engineers that isn't a great answer for them ... so I thought I'd ask to see if there was a document that existed anywhere but thanks for your response ... it was spot on as to what I typically do so I guess I can feel some what reassured that my practices aren't too far off.

Best Practices for AP Power

If you look at most good survey documents and how to's. Or even the CWDP book. They will tell you always to consider your lowest client, design for the future need, understand customer expectations.

Sounds like you are doing all that now..

Direct your new engineers to this post and tell them, see George said so !


Take care !

"Satisfaction does not come from knowing the solution, it comes from knowing why." - Rosalind Franklin
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