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Bonjour issues with 2504 WLC


I have a home lab setup with a 2504 WLC running, a 3602i, a 3502e, all connecting to a 2960G switch. I also have a Meraki MX60W security appliance as my gateway router and a Meraki MR24 AP connecting to the same switch. All of these devices are on the same VLAN.

I've gone through the configuration guide for bonjour on 8.0, and as far as I can tell, I have everything set up correctly. If I look at the mDNS Domain Names page, I see all the bonjour servicing devices on my network. However, clients on the Cisco WLAN can not see any bonjour services. Strangely, wired clients can see bonjour services that are connected to the WLAN (e.g. if I put my AppleTV on wifi, I can stream iTunes to it from a wired computer, but not from any wireless clients). When I connect to the Meraki AP, everything works.

I've been pulling my hair out over this for weeks. I really wanted to figure it out on my own, but I'm giving up on that and reaching out to the community. Has anyone seen this type of behavior before? Any ideas for what could be the problem or how I could further troubleshoot? Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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Hi Rob,Did you enable "mDNS

Hi Rob,

Did you enable "mDNS snooping" global setting (Controller -> mDNS -> mDNS snooping). Below guide should gives you step by step references.

If you are doing any advanced mDNS policies in 8.0 code then below should helps you.



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Hi Rasika,Yes, mDNS Global

Hi Rasika,

Yes, mDNS Global Snooping is enabled. I've read carefully through both of those guides and followed the instructions step by step. It seems pretty straight-forward, and I can't figure out what I could be missing.

Thanks for your reply.


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I installed FUS 1.9. Didn't

I installed FUS 1.9. Didn't expect it to help, and I was right. Still looking for answers here. Any ideas out there?

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So, I decided to try clearing

So, I decided to try clearing the 2504 config and starting over. That didn't work, so next I reset both AP configs. Lo and behold, it's working now! I probably should have taken a snapshot of the AP settings prior to this so I could compare and see what may have been the culprit, but oh well, I'm just glad to have this resolved.

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I´m having similar problems

I´m having similar problems after some clients updated to ios 8.0 - it seems the ios7 devices still work without problems. Is anybody seeing problems with IOS 8 on ? 



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