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Bridge with Wireless Client on 1240AG

Dear Sir

Does the 1240AG support feature "Bridge with Wireless Client"

I can see this option from command line and on the GUI. but after spending hours setting it up. I can make only wireless client associate to the secondary AP connect to Primary AP but... wired user can't not.. wired user connect to only Secondary AP that it's connected to but can't ping to the Primary AP

I simply set

Primary AP = root bridge with wireless client

Secondary AP = non root bridge with wireless client

Is there any specific issue on 1240 ?

Please Help



Re: Bridge with Wireless Client on 1240AG

You can setup a root and non-root bridge to support client connections. From the description you gave I would guess there is an issue with the bridge-group statements. Make sure they are the same on both bridges. If that doesn't do the trick you may have to add/remove some of them.

New Member

Re: Bridge with Wireless Client on 1240AG

Thank you very much

I am thinking the same thing you mention..

It should be something about bridge

Anyway my prob is I'd like to know if I set 1240AG first one to be "Root bridge with wireless client" not "ROOT Bridge"

and another one with "non-root bridge with wireless client"

Can User on the 2nd AP use both wirelan and wireless ?? and special option do i need to enable ?

I can't find any doc on Cisco confirming it...

Thank you very much


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