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Building a WLAN on a school campus

What equipment would I need to build a WLAN on a school campus that will be soley for Internet access, with persons being able to access the net both inside and outside of buildings? The coverage area consists of 7 buildings with each being within 300 ft of another building. The total coverage area would be about 5 acres.


Re: Building a WLAN on a school campus

The kind of information you need cannot be provided without actually seeing and surveying the property and buildings.

There are far too many variables and things that can affect the performance of the signal to render any kind of guess.

Couple that with the jillions of other questions that need to be asked and answered ... not possible, not really.

That other thing is that usually when someone DOES go out of their way to answer this amazingly general question with specifics, the answer tends to be something like " Wow, that's gonna cost tens of thousands of dollars .... all me & my friends have is US$47.37 and a fuzzy gumball that went through the wash in Freddy's pocket"

To give you a amall idea of why this can't be designed over the forum, here are a few of the starting questions:

Does that campus have trees? Students? Power? Weather? Policies? Computers? Tens of thousands of dollars? an engineering budget? wireless-literate support people? network-literate support people? WAN-literate support people? microwave ovens? cordless phones? bluetooth? walls? plants? stairwells?

How much and what kind and where?

Hire a/some wireless professionals to come in and make some recommendations based on reality, common sense, and a solid site survey.

Good Luck


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