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Bus Stations


We have 800 bus station and we need to occupy all of them with wireless signal,

We can use outdoor 1500 outdoor series AP, but we think it is not right to use such type of AP for a little bus station area, we can use indoors but the we need to find any enclosure from water, humidity and etc, also we will need to put into this enclosure Converter from fiber to Ethernet + power adapter for AP.

Is the there any solution from Cisco for such type of projects?



Thank you

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you should have a look into

you should have a look into the 1530 series. They just might fit the bill. Cheap, easy, and without any frills. 

Cisco doesn´t offer enclosures / converters (to my knowledge) And all the tamperproof solutions from rittal and such, are quite costly. A costumer actually switched to 1552´s as they where CHEAPER then a full installation with housing, converter, heater, cooler and such! Depending on your Installation location at the busstop, I´d have a look at the 1530 ( if one of those gets vandalized, it´s not as costly as with a 1550 Series. But they are very limited. No SFP support, no Cleanair, no nothing.. 




you can use a mix of out door

you can use a mix of out door and indoor AP to lower the Total cost of project but don't deviate much from the standard practice.

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