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can it be real seamless roaming among APs


I have a 5508 control 5 new 2602i in a new office, they are running at FlexConnect local switching mode.  all APs are up running well, strong signal everywhere in the office.  But when I got my laptop connected on wireless and walking around office, while it re-associated from one AP to another, I alway lost one ping packet(Windows ping).  if I do vedio stream on wireless, vedio will pause for a second or two when it re-associated to another AP(I saw the AP's LED truned from green to blue).

Did I miss something on configuration, or this is the 'seamless roaming'?

Is there a way to make real seamless roaming among APs, without losing a single packet?  Or 'seamless roaming' is just a marketing slogan.


Thanks a lot.


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Seamless roaming will work if

Seamless roaming will work if you deploy your APs correctly.  Your AP must be spaced out properly that there's good signal when you move from one AP to another.  This is the reason why we always encourage and recommend wireless site survey before any AP gets deployed. 

Another significant factor which affects your wireless client is the wireless NIC drivers.  Make sure the drivers are up to date.  If you want to ensure your wireless NIC drivers are up-to-date, go to the website of the wireless NIC manufacturer and search/download the drivers from there.

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Just to add to Leo's post.

Just to add to Leo's post.  Loosing one ping in many cases is normal during a roam. At times, you might not loose a ping.  Seamless roaming allows your device to keep it's IP address and provide connectivity while roaming. Loosing a ping doesn't mean that your setup is wrong, but if you loose three or six for example, that can mean a configuration issue or driver issue on the wireless NIC like Leo mentioned. 


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New Member

does that mean there is no

does that mean there is no way to achieve truely seamless roaming, with lossing connection any second?

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Wireless isn't like a wired

Wireless isn't like a wired connection. Even when you just sit at one spot and keep a ping running for hours, you can see ping drop here and there.  During a roam, client and AP still need to negotiate and there will always be that transition between the ap the device is associated to and the ap the device wants to roam to. What you have is seamless roaming, what your trying to achieve is a 100% ping connection with no interruption, which does not happen in any type of wireless, even in cellular.  End users will never know of that one ping drop when they are roaming, checking emails or watching YouTube. That is seamless.


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by saying 'AP must be spaced

by saying 'AP must be spaced out properly', if it is for the purpose that good signal when I move, then my APs are spaced out properly. I got full bar signal strongth everywhere in the office.  For some tests, I walked beteween two APs that are in the open office area, signal strongth during the test was absolutly guaranteed.

there is a 'client roaming' setup section in the wireless tap on the WLC, I tried to change the transfter time from defaul to 1 second, but changed nothing.  Could some other parameters contribute on this matter?

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Don't start changing timers

Don't start changing timers as you might make your environment worse.  One ping is nothing to worry about.  It's just how wireless is.


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