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Can one concurrentl have 2 PCMCIA network adapter installed ?

If one person is using Cisco Aeronet wireless LAN adapter card, then he/she is back to his/her desktop there is no coverage, can he/she then just disable he Aeronet LAN card and then use the ordinray LAN card which is connected to the network port. Is there any convenient or smart way of telling people to concurrently enjoying the wireless and wired connectivity at the same time ? Thanks !

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Re: Can one concurrentl have 2 PCMCIA network adapter installed

Its transparent to the users. In our enterprise a lot of users have Dell laptop with inbuilt wireless card and a PCMCI 100mb Ethernet card...and they work fine.

Even if the radio card it disabled the ethernet card starts functioning.

When both are connected, they both get Ip address, but I still have to check using a sniffer to see if both the cards rx/tx data.

So I am not sure if the throughput id incresased by using both connections.

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