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Can't get Aironet 340 to work with 56k dialup


I have a very simple config as follows. Laptop with wireless card, Aironet 340 base station (model BSM-342 ie. does support dial up) and a telephone connection directly into the back of the aironet.

During the initial stage I power off the aironet. I load the software on the laptop for the ACU and this is fine. Then I load the BCSU software (still with the power off on the aironet). When I edit the base station properties and come to the page with base station connection type I find that the option for use of the 56k modem is impossible to highlight. All other options are available. I have loaded the lates software for BCSU and ACU, I have tried with the Aironet powered on and off but I stand defeated. Can someone please help




Re: Can't get Aironet 340 to work with 56k dialup

Sounds like a firmware issue on the Base Station itself. Upgrade the firmware on the base station to the latest 8.81 code found here If you are not able to upgrade the firmware on the Base Station try configuring the Base Station for Cable/DSL mode, and get connected to it via the RF link, then shut down BSCU and launch again. The config of the Base Station will be read again, and the 56k dial-up should be a choice that is selectable.

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Re: Can't get Aironet 340 to work with 56k dialup

Problem nearly solved. As you indicate when I load te new base station firmware I now can select the 56k setting. However when I try and connect using dialup nothing happens. I ave modified the setting so I connect manually and still nothing. When I listen closely to the base station I do not hear the device trying to dial the number. I have set my config to ensure I am using the LAN settings on the computer but no luck. I do note that the BCSU offers the option of loading modem firmware but I can't find any such firmware on the Cisco pages. Is it supposed to be included in the base station firmware. If not can you please tell me where I can find it. Also can you tell me if I power the base station off at nightime do I have to reload the software again the following day? Thanks for all the help

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