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Cannot crate ap-manager interface

Hello everybody hope you are doing great!

Yesterday I was in one of our client premises configuring a WLC 5508 with software 7.2, went through the initial configuration wizard with no problem whatsoever, my issue began when trying to configure a ap-manager interface.

In many WLC configuration guides cisco states that for 5508 it is not required to configure an ap-manager interface because the management will suffice, but then they put a side note recommending it's configuration for best practices and better performance. OK so I saw that in an earlier version document and now they do not make the recommendation but the still use the word required and for me that's still is not a limitation.

Well anyways, I can't create the ap manager interface because when I put the VLAN ID it says the it is being used by another interface. Any help?

Thank you in advance

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Cannot crate ap-manager interface

On the old model of WLCs like the 2006-2112-4400 the AP manager interface is required.

On the new model of WLCs like the 5508 or the 2500 the AP manager interface is not required.

Here is a link that shows how to configure the AP manager on the WLC.

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Re: Cannot crate ap-manager interface

Thank you fbarboza but I already have read that configuration guide and followed the steps with no luck.

Whenever I try to put the same VLAN ID as the one from the management interface it gives me an error.

"Not required" for me means that you either can or cannot create it, the results i'm having are more of a limitation where I cannot configure the ap-manager interface in the same vlan as the management.

Thank you

Re: Cannot crate ap-manager interface

Under the management interface did you uncheck the ap-manager box?


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Re: Cannot crate ap-manager interface

For 5500 series controllers, you are not required to configure an AP-manager interface, 
the management interface acts like an AP-manager interface by default.
If desired, you can disable the management interface as an AP-manager interface and create another dynamic interface as an AP manager.

Make sure that you have disable the option of ap manager on the management interface before creating the new AP manager interface and on the 5508 WLC the AP-manager interface can not be on the same VLAN as the managment interface like on the old WLCs.

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Re: Cannot crate ap-manager interface

Thank you guys, I did not see that checkbox, when I get to my client again I will throroughly search for that checkbox.

+5 for both.

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