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Cannot Manage WLC 8510 Wirelessly

We have an issue with wireless management on all the 8510s we have deployed in our enterprise (8 total)

When connected as a wireless client to a controller, we cannot manage that controller. We can, however, manage it if connected to another wireless controller in another region. I've duplicated this at several of our regions, with the same results. I attached a simple diagram to try and help visualize the problem

"Management via wireless" is checked on every controller. All controllers running I haven't found any bugs on it, but that's what it's sounding like to me, unless I'm missing something?


As the controller is able to

As the controller is able to manage in another region and not in one region. I can say that it must be an issue of the network bandwidth or some firewall, ASA blocking some ports. Please make sure that the bandwidth between the WLC and AP is appropriate.

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Firewalls and bandwidth

Firewalls and bandwidth actually have nothing to do with it. I can be connected to an AP that's right beside the controller and not be able to manage the controller wirelessly.

We've upgraded to 7.6 and the problem seems to have gone away. I would say it's some sort of bug in 7.3

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