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Cannot MESH Multiple MAPs to Single RAP



Our environment consisits of ~200 1552E APs.  Up until recently we have used either Cat6 or fiber to connect them to our network.  Recently we have begun meshing APs instead of running the Cat6 or fiber.  The meshed APs have been single MAPs connected to single RAPs.


This week I have started testing multiple MAPs.  Painfully, I have not been successful with meshing more than one MAP to a RAP.  For instance, I have set up a RAP with a BGN of "MESH_TEST" and two MAPs with the same BGN.  If I power the RAP with MAP #1, the meshed link works like a charm.  If i power on MAP #2 and power down MAP #1, the mesh between MAP2 and RAP works great.  If I attempt to power both MAPs, only one of the MAPs will establish a connection to the RAP while the other cycles through it's discovery for meshed neighbours and WLC.


Have I overlooked anything?


On the contrlloer I have executed the following command - debug capwap events enable


What I see in the log is the following line that continues to occur for the MAC address of the unconnected MAP.

*RRM-DCLNT-2_4: May 15 14:05:20.520: d4:d7:48:6d:6c:60 Unable to find data structure for AP  D4:D7:48:6D:6C:60


I have searched the forums and documentation for this error/message and cannot locate any reference to it.


Thanks for any assistance.





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This should work and in my

This should work and in my view you have not left anything here.

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Forgot to update this...

Forgot to update this...

Turns out corporate IT had limited the switchport to only three MACs with

switchport port-security maximum 3

1st MAC - RAP wired interface

2nd MAC - RAP 5Ghz radio

3rd MAC - MAP 5Ghz radio

Either increasing this max or removing the command entirely resolved my issues.

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I don't believe in

I don't believe in complicating things like using Mac filters, but that me. So hard to manage when you have a lot of AP's.  Glad you did update your posts.


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