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Cannot upgrade 1200AP from VxWorks to IOS

I am having problems upgrading two 1200 APs from Cisco 1200 Series AP 12.03T VxWorks to IOS using the CAC Tool. Originally all eight of my units were at Cisco 1200 Series AP 12.02T and I successfully upgraded six of them to IOS, but these two have been giving me problems. I thought I would upgrade the VxWorks to 12.03T and try again, and the VxWorks upgrade went fine through the AP web interface. The CAC tool upload of the IOS upgrade image, however, fails everytime, and if I telnet to the APs when I am doing the upgrade I get a message saying the TFTP started, but in a few seconds it times out. The APs do have over 5.5 MB of free RAM, so that is not a problem.

Should I try to FTP the image to the AP, and if so, how ? I am not concerned about saving any settings on the AP as I can restore them from my AP management software.

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Re: Cannot upgrade 1200AP from VxWorks to IOS

In order to run the upgrade process, the AP must have at least 4 MB of DRAM available. Issue the :vxdiag_memshow VxWorks command, at the prompt of a console or of a Telnet session, in order to display the amount of free DRAM.

In order to increase free DRAM, you must terminate noncritical processes or temporarily disable other resources (like a second radio). Try some or all of these actions in order to increase free DRAM:

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Re: Cannot upgrade 1200AP from VxWorks to IOS

If you will read my original post - I indicated that I DO have over 5.5 MB free RAM. I have also upgraded 4 other identical units (all with only one radio, so that is not an issue either) without any problems.

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