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Carry Test Result

I read from the document that this test will show if the channel overlapping the other channel signal.

Say that, my channel are 2437 which have a busy rate of 9%. Does it show that i have to change to another channel?

Frequency Carrier Busy %

--------- --------------

2412 2

2417 0

2422 1

2427 1

2432 3

2437 9

2442 2

2447 0

2452 0

2457 4

2462 9

2467 1

2472 0

New Member

Re: Carry Test Result

It does not mean that you have to change channel. It indicates that you had 9% ocupation at the moment of the test. In fact you should run the test several times to get a clear picture of channel ocupation before chosing your channel. Normally you choose the channel with the least ocupation, but 9% is nothing, I've seen channel ocupations of 60% 70% and even 100% and then you know about it because you don't have a wireless signal.


Re: Carry Test Result

What you are actually looking for is excessive interference on the channels that you are using. For instance, interference of 3% on channel 3, 10% on channel 4, 60% on channel 5, and 0% on channel 6, 60% on channel 7, 10% on channel 8, and 3% on channel 9 would meand that channel 6 is functioning properly if you are using the default channels of 1,6,and 11. If you saw channel 6 with more than 5-10% interference then you know you have either co-channel interference or a device effecting your AP on channel 6. Because of the 22mhz channel width in 2.4ghz spectrum you can only use these 3 non overlapping channels. 10-15% interference on a channel can be detrimental and cause excessive packet retries. Remember, you only have to worry about 1,6,11 being clean.

New Member

Re: Carry Test Result

It is confusing. You say "10-15% interference on a channel can be detrimental and cause excessive packet retries".

But rhobab say it is normal. It is normal to hit at a higher percent.

If i am using channel 6 for my AP. My interference is 20% on channel 4, 50% on channel 5, 7% on channel 6, 30% on channel 7. Does it means that channel 6 is not between 10-15% and so it is consider normal and less co-channel interference?

Re: Carry Test Result

Channel usage and interference are two different things. Usage can and will spike at times. Interference is never good. Yes, the 7% would be good.

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