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Changing the country field on a mesh AP


I have a 1500 series wireless mesh AP connected to a 2006 WLC. I mistakenly initialized the AP with a wrong country code and its installed now.

I tried changing the code remotely by first doing it on WLC, but the AP dissapears. Is it possible to change this field remotely without hard resetting the AP ( I can reach the AP now :) )




Re: Changing the country field on a mesh AP

The country code of the AP is hardcoded during manufacturing and cannot be changed. The country codes that the controller can support is configurable. The controller will only allow AP's with a compatible country code to join. When you changed the country code on the controller it probably now isn't compatible with the code set on the AP's. The bigger concern here would be if the AP's you purchased can legally be used in your country.

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Re: Changing the country field on a mesh AP

Thanks for replying,

I am working with a Cisco Gold partner and we got this AP directly from Cisco. Does that mean we have to RMA the device for a proper one or is there any other way out.


Re: Changing the country field on a mesh AP

You will need to return it to whoever you purchased it through and have them send you the correct one. TAC can only RMA like for like. So we would not be able to change which country code the AP had.

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