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Channel bonding

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What is channel bonding and how to do it in wlc..?



Channel bonding

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Have a look at below link under the topic "How Does 802.11n Provide Greater Throughput" in order to know more about channel bonding and configurations

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Channel bonding

For your Info, Channel bonding which includes using of two bands/ channels side by side ( i.e adjacent) inorder to have more throughput. Aim is to have non-overlapping adjacent channels.e.g two 20MHz will make 40 MHz broad bandwidth which will make more operational frequencies available, hence increased throughput!! Due to more availablity of non-overlapping channels in 5ghz band, channel bonding is used there not 2.4ghz, Therefore 802.11a and 802.11n supports the same.

Channel bonding

Channel Bonding:

The amount of data that can be transmitted also depends on the width of the channel used in data transmission. By bonding or combining two or more channels together, more bandwidth is available for data transmission. In 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency band, each channel is approximately 20 MHz wide. In 802.11n, two adjacent channels, each of 20 MHz are bonded to get a total bandwidth of 40 MHz. This provides increased channel width to transmit more data. Cisco does not support channel bonding in 2.4 GHz frequency (802.11 b/g), because only three non-overlapping channels 1, 6 and 11 are available. However, the channel bonding has more relevance in 5 GHz frequency range where you have as many as 23 adjacent non-overlapping channels currently available. Channel bonding is supported only in 5 GHz, for example 802.11a. Table 2 shows the data rates achieved through channel bonding.

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Channel bonding

20 MHZ channel combined with another adjacent 20 MHZ channel and is made 40 MHZ channel so that the data transmission rate will increase as the bandwidth has been increased from 20--> 40.

In 2.4 GHZ its not supported as only 3 non overlapping channel available but in 5GHZ frquency 23 non overlapping channel avalbale and hence channel bonding can be done and is supported.

For configuring channel bonding see step 11:-

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