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Cisco 1100/1200 WAP: Which one?

Ok, so far I got the building to building bridges down. I am going to use the Aironet 350 Bridge for a point to multipoint configuration.

Now, the inside LAN portion of this wireless network.

I see Cisco has 1100 and 1200 series WAPs. Which one should I use?

I assuming the 1200 because I can use it for dualband? Now, does the 1200

support both 802.11a and 802.11b out of the box without additional items, so that all those particular have to do is login to the network to connect, or do I need to upgrade the 1200 for dual band use. I need dual band capability because the users that would be using the wireless are customers whose

wireless equipment we have no control over.

As far as laptop clients connecting to them, is one series better than the other?

Also, how many users can connect to each WAP?



Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco 1100/1200 WAP: Which one?

Hi Jim ,

1200 is modular chassis , When you order 1200 AP , there is 2 way to order , one is preconfigured chassis or order chassis and corresponding radio cards .

When you buy 1200 , if you want 802.11a and 802.11b both support you need to buy both radios .

1200 AP is upgradable to 802.11g also .

On 1200 you can have vxworks base or IOS bases .

AP100 is purel IOS based and only supports 802.11b

Ap1100 does not support 802.11a but it is 802.11g upgradable .

Ap1100 is more economical than Ap1200

AP1100 comes with fixed antenna while in Ap1200 you

can remove rubber duckie antenna and you can connect external antenna .

For clients adapter it depends.

Cisco client does wep on hardware so it is faster .

Also we have ACU for different OS platforms .

Wireless is based on 11meg shared media like wired ethernet

On theory you can have more than 8000 clients on Ap but as you add on more users per AP , per user throughput will drop .

Rule of thumb is use 25-30 users per AP .

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