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Cisco 1142n Access Point


I was planning on deploying a couple of 1131AG access points in a standard multiple SSID, multiple VLAN configuration, however, I'm now looking at deploying a single 1142n access point instead.

In our environment we will have 11g, 11a/g and 11n clients. My questions is, in a mixed environmentlike this will the 11n clients be able to take full advantage of the speeds offered by 11n or will they be limited because the AP will have to run in mixed mode?



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Re: Cisco 1142n Access Point

Hi Alyas,

What speed is your uplink?  10/100 or 1Gb?  The 1140 has one (1) 1Gb ethernet link.  To enable 802.11n, you need to configure WPA2/AES and channel bonding.

Other things to look at are the following:

1.  Client saturation per AP - How many clients are concurrently associated to ONE AP?  The higher the number the lower the wireless speed.  Cisco recommends no more than 25 clients per AP is ideal.
2.  Client WLAN NIC and drivers - Are the drivers up-to-date?  Do they support 802.11n?
3.  The distance of the client from the AP - The further the client(s) are from the AP the lower the speed.  The signal strength should be no more than -65 dBm (lower the better) and the signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) should be 25 dBm (higher the better). 
4.  What type of traffic?  Unicast, multicast or broadcast?
5.  Obstacles between the AP(s) and clients - Are there any concrete/cinder block/brick walls?  Elevator shafts?  Fire escape?  Wooden or gyprocks are OK.
6.  Radio interference - Other APs transmitting in the same channel as you.

I'd recommend a wireles site survey but with one or two APs it's not worth it.

Hope this helps.

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