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Cisco 1200 Disconnect issues


We have 5 APs each about 1 mile apart using omni antenna's at each tower. Broadband Clients have Yagi's on homes pointing to the closest tower. Each tower was added to extend the range of coverage and clients could roam.

The problem is our clients have frequent disconnects to our APs.

Can someone direct me to best practices

on how to best configure this multi-AP environment ?

Any info would be appriciated.



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Re: Cisco 1200 Disconnect issues

Hi Armand,

1 mile is right on the outer design limit for any 802.11b AP.

The timmers defined with in the standard mean that 1 mile is the theroectical limit as they equal the amount of time a radio wave takes to travel 1 mile.

When using muliple AP's a site survery is critical and even more so as you are using them outside. This site survey should inculde mapping the coverage area of each AP and then you make sure that NO AP coverage area's that overlap are using overlapping channels

The best channels to use are 1 6 and 11 as this combination gives you 3 non overlapping channels to use.

Remember that you also can have other AP's not owned by you in this area causing your interference, as it is an unlicenced band there is very little you can do about it a part from a gentlemans aggreement on what channles you will use.

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