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Cisco 1262 AP cannot access via cosole and GUI


I have a Cisco AIR-LAP1262N-E-9 but I cannot access via console and GUI. Also, I noticed that after getting IP address from DHCP server, its IP address will be released after 2minutes. Then after a while, the access point will get another new IP address. And this happens repeatedly.

Hoping for some help out there...





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Hi, This is a LWAP and it



This is a LWAP and it needs a WLC. What is the wireless setup at your end. Are you using WLCs.

If you are not using WLCs and it is a Standalone environment then you have two options:


Get the AP replaced with  AIR-AP1262N-E-9.


Convert this AP to Autonomous mode. For that you would need to download the IOS from Cisco's website. Do let me know the option you would prefer based on which I can suggest you the further action plan.


Thanks and regards,

Manas Pratap SIngh

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 Hi Manas,Thanks for your


Hi Manas,

Thanks for your comments.

I have a WLC 5508 controller. I just want to have a basic setup for my upcoming project implementation. On my test bed, I have WLC, 2 sets of AP, and PoE L3 switch. The L3 switch serves as a DHCP server to APs. I manually set the Management Interface IP address of WLC in the same VLAN of the DHCP scope for AP just for basic connectivity. Upon powering up the APs, the WLC detected the APs. However, after 2-3 minutes, the WLC cannot detect anymore the APs. I also notice that the APs are getting their IP address to DHCP server but it will release after sometime..may about 3minutes. Then the APs will get again IP address and will release it. And this happens continuously. I just wish to hard code the IP settings to APs via console but I cannot access it.

Hoping for your help and thanks in advance.




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Hi Shawn,Due to some reason

Hi Shawn,

Due to some reason your APs are not registering & keep rebooting, that's the behavior you are seen.

Post your WLC "show sysinfo" output & AP console output while it is going through this reboot process. That will help us to determine cause for this.




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More info would help. Maybe

More info would help. Maybe the show run-config from the WLC and the switch Config for the ports the WLC and the AP's are on.



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Hi Shawn, Use the following

Hi Shawn,


Use the following command on the console of the AP before it looses the IP. Probably you can copy the command on a notepad and paste it on the cli of the AP:

debug capwap console cli

lwapp ap controller ip address <IP ADD OF WLC>


If debug capwap console cli does not work try debug capwap console cli. Also make sure that correct country code is configured on the WLC.


Thanks and regards,

Manas Pratap Singh

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