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Cisco 1300 root bridge with clients -- no get ip on wireless devices

First, sorry for my english. I hope you can understand my problem.

I'd already installed two Cisco Aironet 1300 Series with these roles (root w/clients on one building and non root w/clients on the other end (1km distance). The point to point is workink perfectly, when I connect wired lan on the other side all the wired devices get IP from my DHCP server with any problems... BUT.. when I tried to connect a wireless devices (like a laptop or smartphone) I don't get IPs address, I can see on the web interface of cisco 1300 that the devices are associated..but IP Could you plese help with this issue...?? thanks in advance..


Re: Cisco 1300 root bridge with clients -- no get ip on wireless

The problem could be caused by a bad WEP key. Are you using static WEP for your connection?

It's also easy to misconfigure VLANs when creating a bridge link. Could you post the configuration for the bridge and the switch to which it connects?

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Re: Cisco 1300 root bridge with clients -- no get ip on wireless

Ok, I see. Actually, I don't have any Vlan created (My switches don't supported that). My network's design is very simple.. and YES, I am using static WEP static for my connection.

Root w/clients)= I have one generic router (encore) with dhcp server on, ADSL ppoe for the internet connection; the cisco root is conected to one of the port on the router.

NonRoot w/clients)= Here, I have the UTP wire of the cisco nonroot power injector connected to a generic SWTICH 8 ports (encore). And 2 wired Desktop PCs connected to the switch. both of them get IP address without any problems. All the PCs are on the same subnet..192.168.1.xx/24 it's transparent on both side. I have "ping" perfectly.

Channel 4.

My problem is with wireless devices; they are associated to the AP but they don't get IP¨.

Thanks ...!

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