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Cisco 1410 Bridge Issue

I need to span 8 miles using the 1410 Bridge with integrated antenna. I configured the bridges in a lab and confirmed that they "talk". Taking them out to the span, the units didn't connect. So, I saved the configurations and placed the bridges in "install" mode. They connect! As soon as I reconfigure them they stop talking (either, one item at a time cfg or saved cfg file).

Site survey reported no interference and the path is Clear LOS. A 5.8GHz link was working on this span before (replacing with Cisco).

The only item I haven't checked was the distance configuration on the root bridge from 0 to 13KM.

Any ideas?




Re: Cisco 1410 Bridge Issue

By default bridges are in root bridge mode.Make sure one of the bridges is in non-root bridge mode.Because when you configure Install bridges automatically assume the role of bridge and non-root bridge mode.In install mode if the bridge is able to associate to another root bridge within 60 seconds, the bridge assumes a non-root bridge role. If the bridge is unable to associate with another root bridge within 60 seconds, the bridge assumes a root bridge role.

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Re: Cisco 1410 Bridge Issue

thanks for the reply.

What I have done is, pre-configured the bridges in the lab before install (they communicate). One is root and one is non-root. Upon installation (on a span that worked with a lesser pair of radios), the radios don't communicate.

When I reset them and do the auto-install routine, one become root and the other non-root, they communicate just fine. The minute I put them in any other config they stop talking.


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