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Cisco 2504 WLC two sites with T1 between each site

I have a customer with 2 sites, connected by T-1.

The need wireless on each site, will the Cisco 2504 be able to run both sites or do they need to get two WLC controllers.

Site A    Cisco WLC --> Cisco Switch -->  Cisco Router   --> T1 <-- Cisco Router -- Cisco Switch

             vlan1- internal-wlan                                                                                 vlan 1 - internal Network  *??? Should I create a Vlan 40 ??

             vlan10 - managment                                                                              

             vlan 50 - guest-wlan

How to create the interface on the WLC 2504  of the VLan of the remote side?

It doesn't allow me to use vlan 1, since it is already used on internal-wlan

If I created a vlan40, will it work?, since the WLC doesn't really know about the vlan40 on the other side of the T-1


Re: Cisco 2504 WLC two sites with T1 between each site

you could go with just one WLC, but unless you are passing layer 2 across the T1 you won't Ned to have the remote VLAN configured in the WLC. Instead what you would want to do is HREAP at the remote site.

HREAP will keep the traffic local to the remote site, and follow the local routing policy if it needs to traverse the link. It will also allow the remote site wireless to,stay up if the T1 goes down.


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Cisco 2504 WLC two sites with T1 between each site

How many WAPs are you planning to have in total?

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