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Cisco 2700 vs 2600

So currently we are using 2600's and been looking at the 2700's.  We don't have a need to run "ac", but looking at the specs Optimized Roaming and RF noise reduction caught my eye and I'm trying to get a confirmation that 2700 does in fact offers better roaming as compared to 2600?  Any one with first hand experience?

Also since there are two gig ports what is the key purpose future LAG deployment?

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Also since there are two gig

Also since there are two gig ports what is the key purpose future LAG deployment?

That's correct.  This is also in preparation for 802.11ac wave 2.  


2600 and 2700 are similar in signal propagation.  The only difference is that 2700 supports 802.11ac wave 1 natively but 2600 doesn't.  


It all depends on your budget.  I'd go for 2700 because it's future proofing.  Also, you don't know when Cisco might "call" on the EoS for the 2600 to force clients to dump the 2600 in favour of the 2700.

So it won't be a mix

So it won't be a mix environment.  Sites with 2700 will only have 2700's.  We however have no need for ac, we will only be utilizing a.  Will the optimized roaming still works with a only?  With 2600's I have noticed some sticky client issues.

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It's really also dependent on

It's really also dependent on the WLC code you are running.  Now the question is if your going to switch out all the 2600's for 2700's or run them in a mixed environment.  Many features are not designed for mixed environments, in which AP's support or does not support certain features.  Something to just keep in mind.


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 Hi, Yes 2700's has additive



Yes 2700's has additive feature of Optimized AP Roaming and Cross AP Noise Reduction capability

because it come up with the 802.11ac technology which make an effect on overall Access Point RF performance.

compare to 2600's

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