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Cisco 4400 - 100 WLC ap manager IP address

I am going to implement a Cisco 4400-100 WLC. I need it to manage 100 Cisco LWAPP AP's

Can this be done with one AP Manager IP address?

Is it recommended to have the AP manager and manager address on the same subnet?

How many of the 4 fibre connectors need to be used to manage 100 AP's?

Mark Cronin


Re: Cisco 4400 - 100 WLC ap manager IP address

the technical specification says that only can be supported 48 from each Ap manager interface.

the recomendation is that you use 25 access points from each ap manager interface.

and yes the Ap manager and the management interface must be in the same subnet.

you should have the 4404 WLC to support the 100 Access points.

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Re: Cisco 4400 - 100 WLC ap manager IP address

So is the following a viable option for

WLC ver 4.0 - all 4 fibre ports in one LAG

VLAN 500 - /24

Manager IP address /24

AP Manager IP 1 /24

AP Manager IP 2 /24

AP Manager IP 3 /24

AP Manager IP 4 /24

each AP manager controls 25 APs

Re: Cisco 4400 - 100 WLC ap manager IP address

ok, you have 2 options one is work with AP MANAGER interfaces and the other is to work with LAG, whe LAG is enable you just need one AP MANAGER interface becouse the LAG makes the redundancy and load balancing function.

checkout this link:

In this section:

Using Link Aggregation (LAG)

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