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Cisco 5508 8021X_REQD issue


I have a few 5508's at a few different sites and so far I have 2 seperate issues that may be related.The first is affecting only HP 4520s Laptops. I have setup an WLAN called "student_wlan" and it is set to use WPA2 with a psk via TKIP.

Other clients can connect to this wireless Ok. This is where the HP gets to (there are 20 laptops of the same model, it seems to be a bit of a mixed bag, some would connect, where others wouldn't, they are all imaged the same)

Policy Manager State 8021X_REQD - after this point they drop off the controller. The client just shows "Acquiring network address".

Now at another site I have a similar issue with Apple hardware only. I have checked both sites for any mac filtering or client exclusion policies.

I did a wireshark cature of the vlan that the wlan is associated with and I could see the gateway for the vlan was requesting an address, the dhcp server was offering, but there was no ACK. I also checked the DHCP required setting on the wlan and disabled that and re tested to no avail. I was getting ARP Poison in the logs, but that was just a symptom of the ipad getting no dhcp and assigning a 169.* address which set off the controller due to the dhcp required setting. The iPads are working OK with dhcp required off and static IP's.

Any ideas?

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Re: Cisco 5508 8021X_REQD issue

A "debug client < mac address>" is most useful in this case.

802.1XREQD state is also valid for PSK, it correponds to the PSK exchange.

WPA2 with tkip is counter-nature somehow. Maybe the laptops don't like that. Did you try WPA2-AES only ?



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