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Cisco 5508 question

gents few question abt wireless as i m a new to it.

What is teh difference between AP-manager and managment interface and service one i ahve read but i am bit make it simple we have around 500 clients and teh requirment is that we shd have one SSID as they will move around in building so it means that i need one dynamic vlan which is user vlan is that correct statement???

so suppose i have 20 LWAP

and i give dynamic vlan with SSID of test and give it IP of

so what abt managemnt of AP ....shd i make anotehr vlan in WLC or shd i mnake vlan on core swicth like /24 and assign /32 to each AP????

last question is what subnet i shd assign for AP manager etc

Thanks heaps guys

VIP Purple

Re: Cisco 5508 question

With 5508, you should have minimum these interfaces configured

1. Virtual Interface ( is the recommended IP for this)

2. Management Interface (no sperate AP manager interface needed)

3. Dynamic interfaces for user connection (depend on how many SSID you require)

For AP management it is better to have different subnet & that vlan not required to trunk to WLC (AP only require L3 connectivity to WLC management IP). Read this post to understand AP registration with bit more detail

let us know if you require futher assistance



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