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CISCO 887VA-W VLAN Problem

I have recently purchased an 887VA-W, but struggling to get one part of the config working.


I am unable to ping between VLAN 1 and VLAN 3


I currently have Fa0 and Fa1 in VLAN 1 with private IP range and this was to be my LAN Ports and associated with the WLAN.

I have my Public IP Vlan as Vlan 3 with Fa2 and 3 my default gateway is one of the my VLAN 3 addresses and this is associated with Dialer 0


I can ping the internet from router 


but when I try to ping the internet from a pc attached either wireless or wired into VLAN1 I can't 


My PC will ping its DG on VLAN 1 but will not ping Dialer 0 interface or any VLAN 3 ip address ????


Any thoughts or guidance would be very much appreciated

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I believe Inter VLAN routing

I believe Inter VLAN routing is missing. Please check and share results.

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Moin, Problem is resolved and



Problem is resolved and was a while back but forgot I posted this request for help...and how I resolved ti.  thanks for taking the time to reply.

You need to check if the

You need to check if the inter vlan routing is working properly or not. If the inter vlan routing is working fine then the issue must be resolved.

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