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Cisco 891 Wireless - Suppress reload prompt

I have a Cisco 891W router, which when I reload always prompts whether the internal AP should be reloaded or not.


Do you want to reload the internal AP ? [yes/no]: yes

Proceed with reload? [confirm]

Is there a way to disable to "Do you want to reload the interal AP ?" prompt and always reload the AP and the router when the reload command is issued on the router?



New Member

Cisco 891 Wireless - Suppress reload prompt

My 881W does the same thing. My guess is that this is just part of the reload process confirmation and I'm not sure this can be overridden.

This does not help answer your question, just an information share that it also happen with the 880 series routers as well.

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Cisco 891 Wireless - Suppress reload prompt

Thanks. I am going to open a TAC case on this tomorrow.

I did figure an alternative, which might not be the best approach.

1. Wrote an EEM applet that  reloads the router.

event manager  applet forceReload
event none
action 1.0 reload

2. Set an alias so that the  reload command runs the EEM applet instead of calling the reload command. Alias  and applets always get priority over regular IOS commands.

alias exec reload event  manager run forceReload

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